“Samburu means butterfly”

Cattle, as well goats, sheeps and camels play a vital role in the Samburu way of life and culture. They dwell in groups of five to ten families on mostly dry barren land and have to relocate every 5 to 6 weeks to ensure their cattle can feed on fresh grassland.

The samburu are highly dependent on their livestock for survival. Their diet consist mostly of milk and occasionally blood from their cows. The blood is collected by making a small incision in the carotid artery of the cow. The wound is then quickly sealed with hot ash.

Dancing is a significant part of the Samburu culture. Their dancing is similar to the Maasai tribe. Samburu men are dancing in a circle and jumping high from a standing position. Most dances involve the men and the woman dancing in their separate circles.

Traditionally, the Samburu do not use any instruments to accompany their dancing and singing.

The distinctive feature of the Samburu is the amount of jewelry, especially colorful multi-beaded bracelets, anklets and necklaces they wear, both men and women.

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