Sadhu has an spiritiually meaning by wearing orange clothes.

Sadhu means ‘good men’. They mainly live in India and are widely respected for their holiness.

They give up everything that resembles a normal life in order to pursue enlightenment. They often travel by foot to different places, homeless, visiting temples and pilgrimage centers as part of their spiritual practice.

The spiritual meaning of Sadhu is reflected in their orange clothing. This colour represents the most important elements that hold significant powers namely sunrise/sunset and fire.

Sadhus cover themselves with ash and paint their faces, this ritual is called Tilak, which means mark. The ash represents the renunciation of their worldly life because they believe in the  cycle of reincarnation. The painting worn on the forehead or elswhere on the upper body as a sign of surrender.

Being vegetarian is an important part in the way the Sadhus live their lives. They believe, people should never take the lives of other living animals. When an animal gets killed, he is very upset and this anger flows in his blood. Eating this blood will damage your soul terribly. In any case, it is much healthier to be vegetarian.

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