Rastafari is more than just a religion

Rastafari is an religious and potical movement that started in 1930 and has been adopted by many groups all over the world.The movement takes its name from the emperor ”Ras Tafari” (Ras is meaning king) who is better known as Haile Selassie.

Rastafari is more than just a religion. It’s a  way of life with principles that emphasize peace, truth and justice.The rastafari movement stems from the teaching of the great Jamaican leader and motivator of the masses, Marcus Garvey.

Garvey’s vision was for the ‘blacks’ to overcome their feelings of inferiority and build upon their own unique and evolving culture and ultimately return to Ethiopia (what they see as the promised land) to redeem their homeland and build a future.

The most recognizable aspect of a Rastafarian dress is the hairstyle. The majority of Rastas are visible because of there dreadlocks, which are thought to be sacred.

Rastafarians are usally dressed in the colors; red, gold, green and black which are the colors of the Ethiopian flag or the national colors of Jamaica (gold, green and black). These colors have symbolice meaning: red for the life force of blood, gold for faith and sunshine, green for the earth and black symbolizing the color for the people with an African descent.

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