No Black No White is a label that found its origin and inspiration in all of the different individuals that live scattered across this planet. Every human being is unique and so is every culture. Developed through history, each person has his own appearance, traditions and moral values.

These stories are the foundation to create this label and bring you closer to these unique and beautiful people that still carry their traditions forward. We will tell you about their stories and show you how this has inspired us to convert their beauties into hand-drawn art. Each and every line in our artworks is filled with love and energy given by you. Because you are perfect like every other person in this world. Therefore we want you to be a part of our story.

We are the label behind human stories.

The team behind NoBlack NoWhite

The team behind NoBlack NoWhite

Sil Christiaens

Ever since I was young travel has been an important part of my life. Meeting new people from across the world and hearing their stories is something that has made a lasting impression on me and serves as a bottomless well of inspiration. Whenever I am abroad I try my best to avoid tourist traps and to really get a feel for the local indigenous cultures. When working on my art I get surges of inspiration from my past experiences. Even something as simple as looking at old photographs or listening to local music can really take me back to the memories I have of some of the places I have visited. I strongly believe that all people are made equal but that we display a multitude of diverse and unique cultures that are to be savored and have the power to inspire one another. This is the feeling that I have tried to capture in my work.

Frits Bindels

I have always wanted to create a brand that supersedes mere fashion and art. A brand that tells a clear story and has an overarching goal. Joël and I came up with the concept for No Black No White back in 2018. The two of us come from different cultural backgrounds, which is something that can regrettably still be a point of contention in many parts of the world. We know that this is not problem that we can ‘fix’ with No Black No White, but we would like to show people the beauty of the many different humans and cultures from around the world. With our brand we hope to broaden cultural perception and shed more of a light on some lesser-known peoples and their lifestyles. It does not matter where you come from or what the color of your skin is. Every one of us can help one another, learn from each other and love one another.

Joël Prat

No one gets to choose what they look like or where they grow up. I am someone who grew up caught between two different nationalities and cultures. Who am I and where do I belong? These are questions that I have asked myself at various points throughout my life. Something that I would like to achieve with No Black No White is to show people that it does not matter where someone comes from or what the color of their skin is. Color, status or cultural background; these differences are not something that should divide us. But rather seen as the many unique and beautiful facets of humanity that are to be celebrated and appreciated. Everyone may be different, but on the inside we are all the same.

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